Bill Murphy, Executive Director
Bill was employed for 18 years with the Public Employees Retirement Fund. He was also an employee of the Bank One Investment Management Company for 19 years. While still an employee of Bank One, Bill became Director of RIPEA in 1979 and has served in that capacity since that date.

Dianna Casteel, Office Manager
Dianna has worked in industrial sales, purchasing agent as well as administrative assistant in several private companies. Dianna started with RIPEA as a part-time employee in June 1996. She started full time in June 2001.

Donna Feller, Administrative Assistant
Donna has worked in banking for 12 years, been a substitute teacher and worked for many private companies.  Donna started with RIPEA as part-time employee in October 2005.  She started working full-time in July 2010.

Diane Wood, Administrative Assistant
Diane Wood has previously worked in banking and real estate. Diane started with RIPEA as a part-time employee in October 2010. She started working full-time in April 2016

Jim Benge, Senior Insurance Consultant
Jim has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. He was hired by the RIPEA Insurance Trustees on October 1, 2019 to provide expert advise on all insurance matters to RIPEA members.


Philip L. Conklin, Chapter Coordinator
Mr. Conklin is a former State Budget Director and an Administrator of Ball State University. Mr. Conklin is currently serving RIPEA in the capacity of Chapter Coordinator for the State of Indiana.

Joe Loftus, Lobbyist
Mr. Loftus served with the Legislative Services Agency and was Deputy Mayor of the City of Indianapolis. Mr. Loftus is currently the Manager of the Government Practice Unit at Barnes & Thornburg.