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If you are an active employee covered by the Public Employees Retirement Fund-PERF-or a retiree of PERF and not a RIPEA member, please consider joining our association of over 42,000 members. The membership dues are only $15.00 per year.

If you are a RIPEA member we appreciate your support and solicit your suggestions to make RIPEA the most effective association it can be. We are blessed with an effective Board of Directors comprised of PERF retirees and active employee members of PERF. The staff is dedicated to fulfilling the RIPEA Mission and fully implementing the policies of the Board.

We will assist you in any way possible and appreciate your interest in RIPEA.

Bill Murphy, Executive Director

Why Join RIPEA?

RIPEA - Protecting your retirement

Protecting Your Retirement Benefit

RIPEA has grown from a very small Association established in 1972 to an Association with 42,912 members. The reason for this growth is simple – WE GET RESULTS!

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News from RIPEA!

  • Surprising Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

    Surprising Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

    Unbeknownst to many, untreated hearing loss has been labeled a significant national health concern by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and the

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  • Legislation Tracker

    Legislation Tracker

    The following bills have been introduced in the 2017 Legislative session

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  • Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Insurance Options

    Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Insurance Options

    It’s easy to assume that because you have certain types of insurance you, your family, and items you hold dear are protected.

    Yes, that’s true according to

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  • Legislative Proposals for 2017

    Legislative Proposals for 2017

    Based on input from RIPEA members, the RIPEA lobbyist and the members of the RIPEA Legislative Committee, the Board is considering the following legislative proposals for 2017:

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Pre-Retirement Planning Guide

Ripea preretirement guide

The Pre-Retirement Planning Guide for Working Members of PERF  includes a guide to Social Security and Medicare benefits, insurance issues and what happens to benefits if a retired state employee takes a new job.

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