Retired Indiana Public Employees Association - Working for your retirement

Based on input from RIPEA members, the RIPEA lobbyist and the members of the RIPEA Legislative Committee, the Board is considering the following legislative proposals for 2017:

  • Increase the 13th check from prior years. Increase under consideration is to add $50 to current figures if retiree is receiving less than $500 per month and $25 if retiree is receiving more than $500.
  • Exempt part or all of PERF retirement income from Indiana state income tax.
  • Make the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) available to employees working in a PERF-covered position. DROP allows employees to select a retirement date (normally not more than 3 years out) and continue to work, while their eligible retirement bene t at enrollment accrues and is paid in a lump sum when they retire. DROP is currently only available to participants in the 1977 Police and Fire Pension Plan.
In addition, there will be at least one or more cost of living adjustment (COLA) bills introduced that RIPEA will enthusiastically support. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these proposals under consideration, please call the RIPEA office at (800) 345-9214.

Public funds across the country are under attack. RIPEA works tirelessly in the Indiana Legislature to protect your future pension benefits. An experienced lobbyist, paid by RIPEA, provides Legislative representation, proposes legislation, obtains sponsors and testifies on behalf of thousands of RIPEA members at Legislative Committee Meetings.

Take action to protect your benefits! If you are an active employee covered by the Public Employees Retirement Fund-PERF-or a retiree of PERF and not a RIPEA member, please consider joining our association of over 42,000 members. There is strength in numbers.