2021 Annual Convention


In view of the changed COVID-19 and Delta Variant situation with the low vaccination rate in Indiana, the RIPEA Executive Committee has canceled the 2021 convention.  It was done for the following reasons:

  1. When the board approved the 2021 Convention, COVID-19 appeared to be on its way to much lower infections and hospitalization.  The situation is now much worse.  More dire, as of today, only 50% of Indiana residents have been fully vaccinated with many older adults included in this number.
  2. The most important reason for the cancellation is for the protection of all registrants, staff and volunteers.
  3. In the words of one Executive Committee Member, we don’t want to bring over 200 registrants, staff and volunteers from all over Indiana to what could become a “super spreader” event.

Please contact the RIPEA office with any concerns or questions about this at (800) 345-9214

or (317) 789-0244.